Table Stabiliza cc was started in January 2011 by Lee and Rory Brooke, although Lee is the sole Member of the Company.  Being socially aware the Company donates a large portion of the profits to the less fortunate.


To ensure that maximum benefit is obtained from every Rand given, the Company has partnered with a registered NPO (Asher Feeding Scheme NPC) which is active mainly in the Western Cape/Johannesburg concentrating on feeding the homeless and caring for the elderly. 


Rory was the developer of Stabletable and started manufacturing Stabletable in 2000. Over the past 10 years it became evident that although Stabletable was a good idea there were a number of issues that excluded it from being the ultimate stabilizing arrangement. We needed to find a stabilizing arrangement that was more versatile and cost effective to manufacture.


Through prayer, the Stabiliza was given to Rory. The concept had novelty and was worth patenting; currently Stabiliza is protected nationally and internationally. Its design is an urged step ramped arrangement, manufactured from glass filled nylon, fits any table and will accommodate up to 10mm of unevenness.